De l'Autre Côté
du Périph'

Started in 2008 by Laurence Lascary, winner of the "Grand Prix Talents des Cités" Award, DACP produces shorts, features, documentaries, television and web series.

Our editorial philosophy hinges on three values: talent, originality and engagement. At DACP our ambition is to nurture a new generation of auteurs, who, via their films depict French society in all its diversity and differences. The film makers we choose to work with are the talent of tomorrow.

The variety of experience, of backgrounds and of influences of these filmmakers allows us to offer original work that shake up old norms, both because of their subjects as by the way they are handled.

At DACP, the approach is to normalize diversity, which is always present, but is not itself the subject of the films we produce.

In 2018, DACP obtains the French government certification as a Company for Solidarity and Social Utility

Our Values